When your hair has lost the volume you took for granted, PURE Volumizing steps into the spotlight. The products will lift your hair without making it frizzy or dry.


PURE Volumizing Shampoo is a highly effective vegan volume shampoo based on natural ingredience which gives your hair maximum fullness and leave your waves bouncy and beautiful. The product contains Panthenol, that gives the hair moisture, Aloe vera that cleans the hair and call the scalp and blueberry extract, which contains high amount of antioxidants, nourishes the scalp and boost the blood circulation, which gives the hair follicles the proper nutrient that they need for optimal growth and strength.



PURE Volumizing Conditioner is gentle detangling, volume-boosting conditioner that nourishes and adds shine to fine hair. Conditioner contains Shea butter, that smooths the hair , gives them a natural gloss, protects hair tips and moisturise the scalp. Besides that, product also contains Panthenol and Aloe vera.