TronTveit is an international company located in Denmark who puts its heart into good service, amazing products and innovative thinking.  The company was founded in 2010 by a former hairdresser Thomas Trontveit Jensen who created the brand ATTITUDE by TronTveit.  ATTITUDE by TronTveit is based on clean and green ingredients, state of the art chemists and a “green profile”. This makes the brand ahead of most competitors and is accepted to green Eco friendly salons.


In our MISSION we strive to continue bringing more and more amazing hair products to the market and building even closer relationships with our customers while still having a positive impact on the world.
Developing innovative and high quality products, delivering the best customer service and marketing support and this all with keeping sustainable goals in our minds.


Our VISION is to focus on strengthening our position of being innovator within haircare sector on the Scandinavian market and expanding with our products to the other parts of the world. 
We aim to design more of our unique projects to not only bring the best products and service but the whole experience to our customers.