More than 75% of all women get their hair dyed. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the hair ends up dry, brittle and the color fades away fast. But not anymore! With the help from natural Sunflower extracts, we can lock the hair color for up to 10 weeks without damaging the hair or scalp. Everything in a natural and secure way by using PURE Colorful ATTITUDE products.


PURE Repairing ATTITUDE Shampoo is based on 100% natural ingredients and is designed to give the best care for your hair. With an active blend of Keravis and Silsoft, the PURE Repair ATTITUDE Shampoo hydrates and repairs the hair whilst having an Anti-Frizz effect. It contains a natural Sunflower extract to reduce colorfading. This shampoo is suitable for dehydrated, damaged, bleached and long hair.


PURE Repairing Conditioner contains a high amount of Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein which is able to penetrate the hair cuticle, building strength from within. Additionally, it also protects the surface of the hair. PURE Repairing Conditioner is able to triple the strength of damaged hair, unlike a control conditioner. Visible improvement in hair strength from the first use, along with reduced combing damage.