More than 75% of all women get their hair dyed. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the hair ends up dry, brittle and the color fades away fast. But not anymore! With the help from natural Sunflower extracts, we can lock the hair color for up to 10 weeks without damaging the hair or scalp. Everything in a natural and secure way by using PURE Colorful ATTITUDE products.


PURE Colorful is a sulfate-free color care shampoo that gently cleanses, nourishes and protects against color fading. This 100% vegan shampoo is based on ingredients such as Panthenol, that has moisturizing & softening effect, and Aloe vera.
It also contains a special amino acid blend which interacts with the hair to produce effects such as color protect and repair of surface damage.


PURE Colorful conditioner is a perfect product for colour-treated hair that provides lightweight conditioning with a weightless glazed shine. Conditioner contains Panthenol, Aloe vera and Shea butters that  smooths the hair and ease combing. It also helps to protect hair tips and seals the split ends.