ARTIST NITRO is one of the fastest hair clipper on the market with a full 10.000 rpm! The super powerful AC motor maintains the same speed, regardless of the thickness of the hair, which makes it a great tool fo the demanding barber/hairdresser.

The Nitro clipper has a Pro Lithium battery of 2200 MAH, which allows you to cut the hair for a full 2 hours before it needs to be recharge. The charging time is only 80 minutes and in case you are running our of the power while still cutting the hair, the clipper can be easily connected to a cord.

  • imgCutting Time 120 Min
  • imgCharging Time 80 Min.
  • imgCutting Head Width 45
  • imgRust- Free Material


THE BLADE trimmer from Artist with 7000 rpm. is our fastest trimmer launched until now. The new type of battery lasts 4 times longer compared to previous models. The cutting head is shaped in a form of ” T ” which makes it much easier to create a hair tattoo shapes, cutting around the ears and etc. The clipper cuts down to 0,2 mm which makes it a great tool for making a very popular skin fade! This trimmer has a “gun grey” metallic colour which makes it easy to sustain clean look and its design fits into every salon.

  • imgCutting Time 140 Min
  • imgCharging Time 120 Min.
  • imgCuts Down To 0,2 Mm
  • img1500 Hours “Long


3D STYLER from Artist is one of the first straightening iron on the market! The ceramic plates of the iron has a vibrating effect when being used, which makes that the iron is more gentle to the hair and does not damage them as much as regular irons. Besides straightening hair, 3D styler can be used for making beautiful curls.

  • img360* Charging
  • imgAdjustable Temperatur120* –
  • imgCeramic Plates
  • imgBeautiful Packaging

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