Developing ATTITUDE by TRONTVEIT has been different from normal procedures. We have really put all our energy into innovative thinking and development.

No More Yellow Heat Defeat

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Bottle Attitude

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Angel Dust

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ATTITUDE COLOR with PLEXC01 technology is unique complete color systems, where all color shades contains PLEXC01 technology. This technology rebuilds and protects hair while being colored. It makes you be able to push the boundaries of what you before have been able to color.

Who We Are?

TronTveit is an international company located in Denmark that puts its heart into good service, high quality products and innovative thinking. The company was founded in 2010 by a former hairdresser Thomas Trontveit Jensen who created the brand ATTITUDE by TronTveit. ATTITUDE by TronTveit covers various products from hair styling & hair care to complete color system. Products are based on clean and natural ingredients and a “green profile”.